Setting The Standard In Colorado & Beyond!

The legal cannabis industry in the United States has grown massively within the last decade, as new dispensaries and businesses continue to pop up at a growing rate. This booming sector of the economy has created the demand for higher quality marijuana product, as well as top-notch service from budtenders. The proverbial bar in the cannabis industry has been raised, as customers have a high standard for what they expect from a dispensary. In order to keep up with the competition, dispensaries need to have reliable and unbiased information from customers as a way to improve their products and services.


Directly Impact How The Cannabis Industry Does Business

If you’re an enthusiastic and passionate cannabis consumer, it’s likely that you have a valuable voice in terms of improving the overall dispensary-going experience. Inevitably, there have been occasions where you felt a particular cannabis outlet fell short in delivering either a quality product or satisfactory service, leaving you with a burning feeling to provide feedback that will be listened to. While leaving a review online might make a small dent in terms of how a dispensary operates, it’s not likely to have a resounding and lasting impact. That’s where the High Standards secret shopper program becomes a valuable tool in your dispensary-going arsenal. Whereas a Yelp or Google review might leave a business shrugging its shoulders, a thorough and in-depth secret shopping report can provide measurable feedback for a dispensary, allowing it to improve how it does business and in turn providing the customer with a better experience the next time they enter a dispensary. Many dispensaries are oblivious to the ways in which they could improve their overall customer experience. Often, the only real way for change to occur is to provide these upstart businesses with valuable information from informed consumers such as yourself. As a High Standards secret shopper, you will be paving the way for a vastly improved customer experience for all cannabis consumers, providing valuable legitimacy and professionalism to an industry still in the process of finding its footing.


Make a Difference and Make Some Cash to Boot

As a High Standards secret shopper, you will be on the frontlines of shaping the way in which a dispensary operates, providing tangible and important feedback that can vastly improve the overall experience for all. In addition to being able to provide your opinion and have your voice heard by those who need to hear the most, you will also have the opportunity to earn money from the experience. For a minimal amount of work, an activity which you were already going to engage in, you will have the possibility of earning cash for a simple form of feedback. You will receive financial compensation once a store purchases a report, providing you with the opportunity to get paid to consume your favorite cannabis product of choice. We operate in both the United States and Canada, providing the possibility of feedback for dispensaries all over North America. With help from shoppers like you, High Standards aims to make a difference in the way cannabis is grown and sold and provide a much-needed form of accountability for growers and distributors.