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High Standards conducts shop assessments at dispensaries that are interested in improving customer service, testing quality of product from their distributors, or simply learning more about their day to day operations. Our goal is to not only improve customer service satisfaction by allowing insight into the everyday customer experience, but to also improve profit margins for dispensaries by increasing sales via increased customer satisfaction with both the product and the service. After High Standards provides a quality control evaluation through an initial assessment, the company will evaluate accordingly and offer customized critiques on service, product knowledge, product quality, shop and product aesthetics, and overall customer satisfaction. Packages also include monthly assessments to continue quality control for the dispensary. Our assessments are designed to evaluate these 7 key customer and business satisfaction components of a state compliant, efficient and profitable operation:

  • Location and ease of access
  • Cleanliness and aesthetic appeal
  • Friendliness and speed of service
  • Employee product knowledge
  • Product quality
  • Overall customer satisfaction
  • CO cannabis code compliance


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