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If you are an opinionated and knowledgeable cannabis enthusiast, why not make money for providing your unique take on how a dispensary operates? If you’re a passionate and informed consumer of cannabis who is dedicated to seeing measurable improvements occur within the industry, consider making a direct impact and have your voice heard as a High Standards secret shopper by signing up using the form provided.


What to Know as a Dispensary Secret Shopper

As a High Standards secret shopper, you must agree to frequent a variety of dispensaries. Seeing as the amount of dispensaries has skyrocketed throughout many states in the United States, you should have plenty of opportunities to visit a unique store each week. Switching up where you shop may mean you’ll discover a dispensary that far exceeds your expectations and becomes your new favorite place to purchase legal cannabis. If you become a secret shopper, there is no minimum amount needed to purchase, meaning you can simply buy a small amount of flower, an edible, or any other minor product in order to be eligible to complete the shop. As long as you include the receipt with your individual report, you will be qualified to receive payment in the event that the dispensary decides to purchase the report.

Payments must be made through paypal. In order to be eligible for payment, secret shoppers must fully complete the entire survey for the particular store they are shopping. Payment will only be made when a store decides to purchase a report. Eligible dispensaries must be those which are legally registered with local and state governments in the area. Surveys may range anywhere from 25-100 questions, and must be fully filled out in order for a shopper to receive payment through High Standards. While shopping at a particular dispensary, shoppers should review the survey prior to performing the shop as a way to have an adequate understanding of what to look for.

Legal Requirements

High Standards secret shoppers must not misuse or commit any form of fraudulent activity while operating as a shopper. This is grounds for immediate termination and a lifetime ban from the service. You must be 21 to shop recreational and 18 with a valid medical card to shop medical dispensaries in order to be eligible for payment. Simply put, if you cannot legally purchase cannabis from a particular dispensary, you are not allowed to act as a secret shopper. Secret shoppers are not employed by High Standards and are acting as independent contractors, which will require you to file taxes on your own. Any offer to act as a secret shopper is not an offer of a job or ongoing employment and should not be viewed as such in any way, shape, or form.

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* You must be 21 to shop recreational and 18 with a valid medical card to shop medical dispensaries *